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Vendor Device Total
MosChip Semiconductors (Was: Netmos Technology) 1
Intel Corporation 206
Oxford Semiconductor Ltd OX16PCI954 Quad UART (disabled) 1
Exar Corp. XR17C158 Eight Channel PCI Bus UART (5V) 1
Hewlett-Packard Company SAS 3
MosChip Semiconductors (Was: Netmos Technology) Nm9845 Parallel/Serial Port Adapter 1
Nm9835 Parallel/Serial Port Adapter 1
Moxa Technologies Co Ltd Smartio CP-104UL 2
C168H/PCI Smartio 1
Smartio CP-168U 1
Oxford Semiconductor Ltd OX16PCI954 Quad UART 2
Timedia Technology Co Ltd SUN 1889 / SUN 1699 PCI / ISA Asynchronous UART Signal Chips Solution 1
Lava Computer Manufacturing Inc Lava DSerial PCI Port B 1
Lava DSerial PCI Port A 1
3COM Corp, Modem Division (Formerly US Robotics) TL16CFM700PGE / 980C / 42A30KW PCI Serial Controller (for modem)d 2
Intel Corporation 105
MosChip Semiconductors (Was: Netmos Technology) Nm9835 Parallel/Serial Port Adapter 2